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Project Management Processes

Dates:May 6-31, 2024
Meets:21 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 12N-12N
Cost: $195.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


Acquire a well-rounded knowledge of the five Project Management Processes relating to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. This basic information will assist you in learning the beginnings of Project Management, whether you are interested in project management, in a project management field, or in any line of work. Come away with a solid foundation of the five processes to learn and use when any type of project occurs in your employment arena. Ages 18+ The class meets for four weeks. There is one unit covered per week. The instructor will provide weekly assignments and the students have access to their class 24/7 to study, complete the assignments and take the quizzes. If you get behind one week, that is no problem, you can still make up the work from prior weeks. The important thing is to have all assignments done and quizzes taken satisfactorily prior to the end of the class. Between the start and the end of the class, you have complete flexibility as to when you log in and how much time you spend on the class. If you get stuck with something, you can always email your instructor for help. Lastly, it is expected that each student will make at least one post on the teacher's discussion board per week on questions and topics provided by the instructor. I think this class is a perfect blend of flexibility and structure. This is not a class where you need to be online at a specific time to meet virtually with your instructor and classmates, and neither is it class where you work completely independently without any support or engagement. It blends the two with weekly assignments, accountability and flexibility. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks, The Arlington Community Learning Staff.
Fee: $195.00


Jermaine Dykes

Date Day Time Location
05/06/2024Monday12 N to 12 N Online
05/07/2024Tuesday12 N to 12 N Online
05/09/2024Thursday12 N to 12 N Online
05/10/2024Friday12 N to 12 N Online
05/11/2024Saturday12 N to 12 N Online
05/12/2024Sunday12 N to 12 N Online
05/13/2024Monday12 N to 12 N Online
05/14/2024Tuesday12 N to 12 N Online
05/16/2024Thursday12 N to 12 N Online
05/17/2024Friday12 N to 12 N Online
05/18/2024Saturday12 N to 12 N Online
05/19/2024Sunday12 N to 12 N Online
05/20/2024Monday12 N to 12 N Online
05/21/2024Tuesday12 N to 12 N Online
05/23/2024Thursday12 N to 12 N Online
05/24/2024Friday12 N to 12 N Online
05/25/2024Saturday12 N to 12 N Online
05/26/2024Sunday12 N to 12 N Online
05/28/2024Tuesday12 N to 12 N Online
05/30/2024Thursday12 N to 12 N Online
05/31/2024Friday12 N to 12 N Online